Join this Good Egg

Posted by:pete

Adam Handling is opening his new restaurant in London in September and is looking to build a complete team to launch this new concept, so if your front or back of house, a chef or KP or looking for your next roll in management then this may be exactly right for you. I have worked with Adam over the last year after he asked Cleaner Products to set up his chemical requirements, Adam is a savvy businessman and a modern creative chef, for those of you that are not fully aware of Adam Handling he is still only 27 years old but is building a formidable reputation for his innovations. The Frog E1 and his new Bean & Wheat concepts are flying and he’s ready for his next venture, but this time it’s going to be his flagship. So if you’ve got the X factor and want to be a player in this exciting new London restaurant then get in touch [email protected]