Last days of Shoreditch

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Last week saw the end of another very succesful week for Cleaner Products and to show my appreciation I treated my office team to a night out at The Last Days of Shoreditch, this amazing venue has the lot and is great experience, my good friend Chef Ben Spalding has the mezzanine overlooking the venue and spoilt us with his off the wall creations.

Chef Ben Spalding - who has trained at some of the world's finest Michelin-starred restaurants - has brought his new culinary concept Small Plates Sessions to the east end stamping ground. Expect mouth-watering dishes featuring the likes of Gressingham duck breast cooked in a chocolate salt crust, black cod ceviche with iced Kaffir lime and the outrageously moreish cookie dough milkshake in a shovel... mmm.


Black Salmon Ceviche, iced kaffir lime, full fat crème fraiche & pumpkin seeds (chilled) 

White crab caught from Devon yesterday, brown crab mayo, grapes, chilli, lettuce & sticky citrus honey (chilled) 

Cured & lightly blowtorched Cornish Mackerel, nutella, mango, marmite cream cheese & grapefruit zest (Room temperature) 

Crispy Piggy! Skin, Korean BBQ & strawberry cream, meadowsweet flowers  

‘The Chicken Skin Sandwich’ (Room temperature) 

‘Duck on a Brick’ – rich & creamy parfait, crispy duck, punk drunk jerk sauce & orange (chilled) 

Caramelised & glazed Lamb belly, apricot crème fraiche, super sour pomegranate, ras el hanout lentils & smoking spruce (hot) 

Mr Mung – Umami creamed mung beans, aromatic tom yum, fried hotdog onions (hot)

Spicy cheesy skin on fries – Holy Fuck sauce, Montgomery Jack cheese (HOT!) 

Teriyaki broccoli – white chocolate & apricot jam (warm) 

Sweet ripe peaches – caramelised Buttermilk & frozen pineapple (ice cold) 

Lemongrass Vs. Ginger – whipped maple cream cheese, wild blueberry jam, stem ginger, crispy pea & lemon thyme (chilled) 

Szechuan Pepper Chocolate– warm aerated milk chocolate, Juneberry, toasted pecan nuts, vanilla ice cream (hot and ice cold) 

Sticky Fingers – Lightly spiced caramel chocolate fudge set on fire (gooey)

And those familiar with The Last Days of Shoreditch will know it's not just about the food,this food and music fest, complete with live DJs spinning everything from soul and funk to jazz and disco, an urban beach overlooked by palm trees and decking and even an Escape Room experience.

If you haven’t been to The Last Days of Shoreditch you are missing out on a real experience, you can book your place at 

Pete Reilly -  CEO - Cleaner Products.