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04 May

Thank you for your support

Posted by:pete

We completed our financial year at the end of March and we are delighted to report another record year of trading, during April our feet barely touched the ground with an all time record month of turnover to kick off the new financial year and many new clients coming on board.

We would like to this opportunity to say thank you to our loyal customers who have made the success of the Cleaner Products brand a reality. 

02 May

VyTA choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

VyTA has made its UK debut in London’s Covent Garden, The best products of the Italian tradition, Haute cuisine and the refinement that defines the superb VyTA brand will be appreciated by a cosmopolitan audience.

26 April

The Crown Inn, Keston, goes green.

Posted by:pete

The Crown Inn, Keston, are another one of our clients to adopt a more sustainable approach to their operations, the owners Kate Streets and Chris Miller are believers in environmentally friendly alternatives and during the Easter weekend they produced a very successful barbecue experience without adding to the deforestation problem the world is suffering, they used charcoal briquettes that are derived from coconut shells which are fully sustainable.

12 April

Euro 6 upgrade completed

Posted by:pete

We are delighted to have upgraded our fleet to new Euro 6 delivery vehicles, with the introduction this week of the Ultra Low Emission Zone we faced yet another cost that businesses have to bare. Whilst there will be many that use this as an excuse to implement price increases, we at Cleaner Products are determined to maintain our competitive edge, so the good news is there will be no price increases this year.

06 April

Cleaner Product team up with Zero Point 8

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are renowned for bringing new concepts into the hospitality sector but this one is a real gem, with hotel and restaurant groups having to tighten their belts this new partnership ticks all the boxes. Pete Reilly the CEO of Cleaner Products and Mark Baker the CEO of Zero Point 8 worked together over 20 years ago, Mark was the Sales director of The Socius Group which operated many leading chemical brands, Pete Reilly was the Marketing Executive and it was with The Socius Group that Mark and Pete formed a very successful working relationship.

02 April

Our crystal ball

Posted by:pete

At Cleaner Products we are fortunate to have a crystal ball that works very well, we saw the need for change and set out to develop our brand with a completely new business approach, one that had shared objectives at the heart of the service style. To achieve this we had to be more transparent with our clients and our clients to had to lay their cards on the table for the formula to work, and it has.

01 April

Chef to Managing Director in two years

Posted by:pete

It has been announced today that David Garrard has become the new managing director of Cleaner Products, this is some achievement when you consider that two years ago he was a head chef. David felt the need for a career change as he had spent the last 20 years in various kitchens and his work-life balance meant that he had very little time to himself or his family. David was a client of Cleaner Products for a number of years so he was aware of our systems and products very well.

28 March

Chamberlains choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

Chamberlains are a seafood and fish restaurant offering private dining and event catering in the City of London. They have been serving fish and seafood in Leadenhall Market  for 16 years, the restaurant is owned by fourth generation fishmongers Chamberlain and Thelwell fishmongers and all their sparkling fresh fish and seafood is selected daily just four miles away at Billingsgate.

14 March

Leander Club choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

The management team at Cleaner Products feel extremely honoured to have been selected as a supply partner for The Leander Club in Henley on Thames 

Leander Club is recognised the world over for its extraordinary achievements, having won more Olympic and World championship gold medals than any other club, and home to rowing heroes and to the champions of tomorrow.

13 March

Gastro choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

Our Sussex distribution partner Ben Goldsmith has been successful in obtaining the supply contract for the Gastro Catering and Events Management Company. Undoubtably one of the finest caterers in the South East the team at Gastro produce mind-blowing events with high-end food and cocktails that range from the intimate to the flamboyant


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