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14 September

Cleaner Washrooms

Posted by:pete

There is no doubt that attitudes and behaviours will have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all become more aware of our own hygiene practices and we have adopted  frequent washing and sanitising of our hands and have an increased focus on hygiene.

23 July

48 hour protection.

Posted by:pete

With our hospitality sector starting to reopen we have been busy discussing cleaning and sanitisation with our clients, we have been asked many questions about our new product ViruBac® and one of the most pertinent questions was “How long is the residual kill rate”.

02 July

It's good to give

Posted by:pete

We have all been affected by the Covid pandemic, none less so than the hospitality sector, it was knocked for six when restauranteurs and hoteliers were forced to shut their doors, this in turn affected so many other suppliers that support the industry and our brand Cleaner Products was left very exposed as over 85% of our turnover was in this sector.

29 May

Getting the wheels back in motion

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are a small cog in a very complex mechanism called ‘The Hospitality Sector’, but at the same time we realise that we are a vital element of our clients overall operations, cleaning and hygiene has never been more important and we all need to raise our game to meet the increasing demands we face in our respective business’s.

28 April

Construction - back to work

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Product have been inundated with calls from construction companies looking for PPE for their workers as they plan to reopen sites on the 11th May. Redrow is the latest house-builder to announce ‘back to work’ after Taylor Wimpey, Vistry, Lovell and Persimmon all said they were reopening sites. The construction companies have developed rigorous social-distancing protocols that will be supported by strict arrangements to ensure they are consistently applied.

14 March

Sanitiser demands rocketing.

Posted by:pete

As a company Cleaner Products have seen uprecedented orders rocketing over the last few weeks, we are pleased to announce that we have been able to keep ahead of the demands but the situation now requires that we place certain supply measures to alivate any bottlenecks to our manufacturing or distribution. The main cause for concern has been alcohol hand sanitiser, however, the demands for other skin care products, surface cleaner and sanitisers have also seen a significant rise in demand.

05 March

Hand Sanitising Spray

Posted by:pete

Over the last couple of weeks the demand for hand sanitiser has hit an all time high, the demand has really tested all chemical suppliers and has also seen price hikes from raw material suppliers who are using increase demands to make an extra buck. A number of janitorial suppliers are saying that there is a national shortage, but that simply is not true. 

29 January

Customer memo - Coronaviruses

Posted by:pete

The recent outbreak of Coronaviruses is scary to say the least, however, Cleaner Products clients can have confidence that our help is at hand should it be required, as always we are fast to react to our clients needs and feel it our duty to support our clients with both effective products and ongoing advice.

28 January

Three Cheers to The Harwood Arms

Posted by:pete

We are delighted to report that our valued client The Harwood Arms in Fulham, London, has been voted the nations No1 Gastropub for 2020 by Estrella Damm. Over 400 gastropub owners, food critics and industry experts came to this decision which is brilliant news.


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