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23 July

48 hour protection.

Posted by:pete

With our hospitality sector starting to reopen we have been busy discussing cleaning and sanitisation with our clients, we have been asked many questions about our new product ViruBac® and one of the most pertinent questions was “How long is the residual kill rate”.

17 July

Life after lockdown

Posted by:pete

We are all aware how lockdown and the coronavirus has changed our own behaviour and opinions, but it’s more difficult to know which of these changes might stick around in the longer term. There is no doubt that the lockdown has limited trading through the normal channels, as the country emerges from lockdown it’s a very different landscape for many businesses, the dawning of our digital age has been brought forward and it looks like our change in habits are here for the long-term with on-line purchasing taking the front seat.

02 July

It's good to give

Posted by:pete

We have all been affected by the Covid pandemic, none less so than the hospitality sector, it was knocked for six when restauranteurs and hoteliers were forced to shut their doors, this in turn affected so many other suppliers that support the industry and our brand Cleaner Products was left very exposed as over 85% of our turnover was in this sector.

27 June

Time for change

Posted by:pete

If you're getting ready to re-open now is the time to consider improving your suppliers and perhaps moving to the next level.

We believe we can add some real value to your operations and reduce your costs, we are a family run business and manufacture of own range of high quality chemicals and supply all of the ancillary items your team would require. We would be happy to supply you with samples and prices of our products, just let us know if we can help,

A quick look at our website will show you why we are the first choice for so many quality brands.

10 June

Marketing manager required

Posted by:pete

An exciting opportunity has arisen within Cleaner Products Limited who are launching a new brand called ‘HOME’, we are looking for an experienced marketing manager.

The successful candidate will have the ability to come up with new and creative ideas to help the ‘Home’ brand move forward. We’re open minded and need all the fresh ideas we can get. More importantly, we need a creative candidate to write interesting content to attract and keep consumers.

20 April

UK care home emergency

Posted by:pete

It has recently become common knowledge that the UK care home sector has a real problem in obtaining sufficient supplies needed to protect their front line nurses, alcohol hand sanitiser is one of the key products that is required and the directors of Cleaner Products were made aware of this emergency some time ago and were asked if we could help.

16 April

Pulling together

Posted by:pete

It’s at time like this that brings out the best in people and our hospitality sector really has risen to the challenge and the Cook-19 project is undoubtably the cherry on the cake.

02 April

Cleaner Products to the rescue

Posted by:pete

Having heard about the shortages of PPE for our front line workers our CEO Nathan Reilly decided to donate our stock of masks to Kent County Council. We have been informed they are going to be used in senior citizen and special needs care, Nathan commented “we are glad they are going to a good home and it is vital that our front line workers stay in good shape”

14 March

Sanitiser demands rocketing.

Posted by:pete

As a company Cleaner Products have seen uprecedented orders rocketing over the last few weeks, we are pleased to announce that we have been able to keep ahead of the demands but the situation now requires that we place certain supply measures to alivate any bottlenecks to our manufacturing or distribution. The main cause for concern has been alcohol hand sanitiser, however, the demands for other skin care products, surface cleaner and sanitisers have also seen a significant rise in demand.


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