2018 Forward Plans

Posted by:pete

As we start the new year we feel it’s a good time to inform our clients of our forward plans for 2018, this trading year we intend to concentrate mainly on the consolidation of our business as it is of the utmost importance that we maintain our responsiveness for our customer base. We are delighted to have had a number of good years in business development and 2017 was another strong performance that has shown substantial growth.

We continue to add more quality players to our team and 2018 will see a number of changes that will add value to our operations and customer service ability, firstly David Garrard has completed his induction training in December of 2017 and is ready to ‘hit the road’, David who is an X Chef will be concentrating on improving our staff training procedures related to COSHH and best practice of our products in use, David’s brief is to ensure all of the relevant documentation is in place for our clients and look at ways of reducing our clients usage. We are also adding to our logistics team with another new driver Mark Beal, Mark is from a chemical distribution background so his experience and ability will add value to our key accounts from day one.

Our operations department is also seeing improvements with Michael Cambell-Bell being introduced into our team to assist our General Manager Paul Turford with warehouse operations and planning, Michael has a great deal of experience in the operational side of business as he assisted his family in running a very successful bakery business in London for many years, this move will also enable Paul Turford to have more time to develop our procurement process.

We are also further developing our administration team with the introduction of Rosalind Sharp who will add a great deal of value for our clients in terms of financial reporting, Rosalind is from a banking background and will assist our clients and our development team with account and usage data where required. 

During the later part of 2017 we also invested further into our IT ability and thanks to the very clever team at Gal Consultancy we have had a number of tweaks to our database that will show improvements for our clients, our database is tailor-made for our business and has been operational for ten years, it compiles all of the usage of our clients, their data is secure and we are able to produce in-depth analysis of every individual client at the touch of button, our database is also the brain behind our website and we are able to transpose vital information from our database to our clients via our website.

We envisage another positive year for Cleaner Products and we know the improvements we are making will raise the bar again and will enable us to continue offering the sharpest customer service experience in the hospitality sector.