48 hour protection.

Posted by:pete

With our hospitality sector starting to reopen we have been busy discussing cleaning and sanitisation with our clients, we have been asked many questions about our new product ViruBac® and one of the most pertinent questions was “How long is the residual kill rate”.

The development team at Cleaner Products have been conducting further research to determine the residual sanitisation efficacy of ViruBac® after application to inanimate, nonporous food contact hard surfaces and we are delighted to report that Virubac has a 48 Hour residual kill rate. 

ViruBac® may be sprayed or applied by other means as specified by your local account manager.

ViruBac® is a major breakthrough for the hospitality sector as it offers highly-effective, natural hygiene applications as a general commercial disinfectant, in addition to controlling pathogens in food manufacturing & catering industries. ViruBac® safely eliminates bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and yeasts and moulds from any manufacturing or catering environment, and is able to eliminate and control all pathogenic organisms, including Staphylococcus Aureus and E.coli. Virubac reduces the overall microbial bio-load of spoilage organisms, thereby substantially reducing the risk of cross contamination. 

Cleaner Products have also launched ViruBac® in tubs of 500 impregnated wipes.

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