Cay Tre choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are delighted to welcome the superb Vietnamese restaurant group Cay Tre on board. Cay Tre was one of the first Vietnamese restaurants to hit London, the brainchild of Hieu Trung Bui. Hieu’s mission was to modernise the reputation of Vietnamese food. He moved from Saigon to London over 20 years ago and was frustrated with the lack of good quality, authentic Vietnamese food so he opened his first Phở restaurant in Hoxton, where he now also runs the Kêu Banh Mi Deli and Viet Grill among his family group of restaurants.

Cay Tre is still one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in London. Offering great quality, authentic Vietnamese food in Hoxton and Soho. Their famous ‘Pho’ is still centre stage, they start with a broth, which they simmer for 24 hours before adding a variety of fresh ingredients including seafood, bbq pork, beef, vegetables and red chilli. Their menu showcases a variety of dishes from across Vietnam from their authentic hand rolled fresh summer rolls and ‘gỏi’ salad to their curries inspired by the famous Saigon Cholon Mosque in Vietnam.

With its great success and popularity, they then opened another restaurant, this time they headed West and opened another new Cay Tre site on Dean Street, Soho in Central London. The liveliness of Soho was the perfect environment for their new restaurant. Cay tre Soho has the energy and oomph of the streets of Hanoi and Saigon. Their Soho restaurant brings you classic Vietnamese cooking with all the flair and style of London’s Soho. Their home style cooking will promise to transport you to the heat of Vietnam. No Vietnamese feast can be complete without a traditional Vietnamese coffee. Hot or iced, their coffee is authentic, made using only Vietnamese coffee beans.

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