Cleaner Washrooms

Posted by:pete

There is no doubt that attitudes and behaviours will have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all become more aware of our own hygiene practices and we have adopted  frequent washing and sanitising of our hands and have an increased focus on hygiene.

In the hospitality sector hygiene has always been a very prominent factor but it’s about to go up to the next level, consumers will demand higher hygiene standards and washrooms are set to become a critical area, unless the clients are 100% sure you have impeccable standards they will not return. Hot air dryers are about to take a back seat as there is the possibility of actually incubating any bacteria left on your skin after washing. We are advising our clients to adopt disposable paper towel systems, in a recent study 86% of people in the UK expected washrooms to provide increased hygiene standards and almost 40% said they would not visit place that did not have paper towels as a hand drying alternative.

The directors of Cleaner Products have a great deal of expertise in the hygiene industry and will help you navigate your business through these uncertain times. we have products that have been tested against Covid-19 and are now in use within the NHS, speak to us if you have concerns and we will gladly help shape your forward plans to suit the increased demands.