Getting the wheels back in motion

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are a small cog in a very complex mechanism called ‘The Hospitality Sector’, but at the same time we realise that we are a vital element of our clients overall operations, cleaning and hygiene has never been more important and we all need to raise our game to meet the increasing demands we face in our respective business’s.

We are very proud that we have been able to help our valued clients over the past few months, with high requests for PPE and sanitising products we have been able to meet the demands by a staggering 98%, like everyone we were not prepared for this pandemic but it has proved to us that we do have a brilliant supplier network for ancillary products and because we are a manufacturer we have the ability to make what is required in terms of chemical cleaning & hygiene products. 

We also feel honoured that the vast majority of our clients have been in contact to settle their outstanding debts, this goes to show how well our clients value what we do. Behind the scenes at Cleaner Products during this ‘lockdown’ my senior management team have been busy working on a new ‘Hygiene Control Programmes’ designed for both front and back of house. A key factor will be the use of a new products called ‘VIRUBAC’ which is a 100% natural advanced disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria. It replicates natural biocides created by our own immune system in order to eradicate invasive organisms. Virubac is compliant with both UK and EU regulations and has highly-effective virucidal, antibacterial, sporicidal and fungicidal properties. Virubac is an electrochemically activated alkaline catholyte with a Ph of 6.8 – 7.4  and has an ORP of +950mV to + 1,100m. There are no available test on coronavirus at this time as only China and USA have access to the specific coronavirus. What laboratories are doing is a comparative analysis using the Vaccinia Elstree virus which is an enveloped virus that is very similar to NCOV19. The accepted microbiology is that should a substance kill Vaccinia Elstree then it will kill all enveloped viruses including Coronavirus, tests are on-going.

Call us today and let us help you plan the new hygiene control systems that are required, telephone 01689 861984 or mail [email protected]