Grand Trunk Road choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

The Road was built in the 16th century AD, the brainchild of Sher Shah Suri. Today it is divided into four nations, presenting a compelling and beautifully illustrated history of the trail since it’s emergence as ancient India’s first route for the traders. At Grand Trunk Road, they showcase the legacy of this great land, diners can expect some amazing flavours of the past paired the innovation & creativity of today; the DNA of their unique restaurant brand. The menu is an inventive collaboration between traditional recipes and seasonal, fresh, locally sourced ingredients, offering a heady journey of aromatic spices and a nostalgia of ancient lands and beginnings.

The owner of Grand Trunk Road restaurant is Rajesh Suri who has over 30 years of experience in the food industry.  Rajesh started his career by working in management at the celebrated Oberoi hotel group in India, later moving to the UK to launch and work with several five-star establishments, as well as the Michelin-starred Veeraswamy, the UK’s longest running Indian restaurant. Rajesh then moved across to Tamarind and was responsible for earning and maintaining the restaurant’s Michelin star for his 14 years. Instrumental in the rise of Michelin-starred Indian food establishments, he is one of the most acclaimed Indian restaurateurs in the UK. 

Rajesh has now teamed up with the amazing chef Arup Dasgupta who has spent over 20 years travelling the world, cooking in some of the finest Western & Indian restaurants, the development team are looking forward to working with this Indian dream team.