Hand Sanitising Spray

Posted by:pete

Over the last couple of weeks the demand for hand sanitiser has hit an all time high, the demand has really tested all chemical suppliers and has also seen price hikes from raw material suppliers who are using increase demands to make an extra buck. A number of janitorial suppliers are saying that there is a national shortage, but that simply is not true. 

Cleaner Products has bought in large volumes of the raw materials required to make sanitising spray to meet our clients demands and we now have plenty of back-up that may be required. Our production staff have been working in shifts to fulfil the orders and we are pleased to report that we now have the this issue covered. Hand Sanitising Spray is available in 100ml sprays - 500ml flip tops and 5 Litre top ups.

It is at times like this where the Cleaner Products brand shows it's true worth, and goes to show the strengths of a manufacturer verses the vulnerability of the middlemen.