Life after lockdown

Posted by:pete

We are all aware how lockdown and the coronavirus has changed our own behaviour and opinions, but it’s more difficult to know which of these changes might stick around in the longer term. There is no doubt that the lockdown has limited trading through the normal channels, as the country emerges from lockdown it’s a very different landscape for many businesses, the dawning of our digital age has been brought forward and it looks like our change in habits are here for the long-term with on-line purchasing taking the front seat.

The lockdown certainly has given us all time to think and the directors of Cleaner Products have responded to this change by launching a new brand called ‘HOME’, the brand has been designed to cater for the home market, smaller cafes, restaurants and other outlets who will benefit from the products we manufacture and a number of other ancillary items we hold in stock for our commercial clients.

Online experiences such as product demonstrations and staff training will make the move to virtual shopping experiences a worthwhile reality. Virtual shopping experiences offer a massive potential for all businesses, we are adopting these technologies to improve product knowledge for our clients, it will also give them access to professional quality products where they are not able to meet the minimum delivery charges like larger commercial clients.