Made in Britain or is it

Posted by:pete

Over the last decade we have seen many company buyouts that are reshaping future supplies in the hospitality sectors. 

It began in 2002 when the German brand Ecolab bought Adams Chemicals, then in 2016 bought Shield and furthermore in 2017 bought the Arpal Group. Next on the agenda was the buyout of Clover Chemicals by the Belgium brand Christeyns in 2018 and to top it all the American conglomerate Bain Capital who owns the Diversey brand bought the rights to Zenith Hygiene in 2018.

Cleaning and Hygiene chemicals are a necessity for Food Safety and Healthy Hygiene Practises and companies will need to demonstrate how they can ensure the highest levels of hygiene post-COVID-19, consumers will be likely to place as much importance on hygiene standards as they will on price and location and the fears of contracting the virus will live on far after the pandemic is over. 

Cleaner Products Limited are a chemical manufacturing company and one of a few brands left in the UK which is British owned. Our portfolio of clients is a testament to the service we provide, our products are well known for quality and value for money, we have also been told that our advice is priceless, we have 40 years experience in the chemical sector and we intend to fly the flag for many years to come, we really are the Great British Company.