New trusted partner - Aim coffee

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Cleaner Products are delighted to welcome on-board a new trusted partner, at Cleaner Products we drink copious amounts of coffee so why wouldn't we want to drink the best.

Quality Control - Organic, Fair-trade, Rainforest Alliance and other speciality certified coffees, are kept segregated to ensure the certifications are not compromised. 

Every raw coffee delivery received by us will have a small amount taken from each bag to be sampled to confirm consistency with the pre-shipment sample and to detect any possible defects. Samples are first checked for bean defects, secondly the moisture content, followed by sample roasting and cupping. If at any point the samples do not conform to our exacting quality requirements, the coffees will be rejected.

All sample roasts are produced to a precise roast colour 90 (mid-range roast colour). The samples are cupped and checked by an in-house, qualified Q grader and, if approved, will only then enter production.  We source raw coffees from all major producer regions, a great responsibility rests with us to ensure strictest controls of quality and consistency.

Roasting - Depending on the roasting system employed, we utilise three different styles of roasting machines, technology dictates the roasting process to greater or lesser degrees. However, no matter how sophisticated the roasting technology, it will never replace the artistry of our uniquely experienced and professional roasting professionals. The coffee blending process between coffees tends to happen before roasting but can be done after to customer's specifications. The range of blends and roast combinations is infinite.  Scrupulous maintenance of our roasting equipment significantly reduces the possibility of either technical/quality issues or downtime resulting from mechanical problems. Without this maintenance a build up of coffee oils could prevent the coffee roasting to its full effect.

House Blend ' Il Grandioso  - A balanced blend of chocolatey Mochas and Central American coffees. Good body with a subtle caramel and butterscotch sweetness balanced with earthy chocolate and citrus fruit notes -  50% Ethiopia Mocha, 20% Brazil, 20% Natural Robusta and 10% Latin American Arabica.

If you are interested in trying our coffee please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly send you a sample.

0208 6450028 or 07834586093

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