Pulling together

Posted by:pete

It’s at time like this that brings out the best in people and our hospitality sector really has risen to the challenge and the Cook-19 project is undoubtably the cherry on the cake.

Since having her work cancelled, Cook-19 Founder Lulu Dillon started making home-cooked meals for NHS workers for free. Initially, she paid for the ingredients herself, but has received many generous donations which have allowed her to keep cooking and assembling care packages with supplies that NHS workers are struggling to find. In just a few days, Lulu had cooked and delivered vital supplies to 8 COVID-19 doctors, 4 ICU nurses and 3 ICU physios. 

The word got out and Lulu’s friend, neighbour and chef Angela Hartnett joined the force. Separately in their homes, the duo were cooking fresh, nutritious portions of food to be sent along with care packages, including: toilet roll, pasta, rice, shampoo, even Easter eggs!  Then thanks to the generosity of Smart Hospitality they were able to scale up the operations and relocated to Smart Hospitality (an outside catering premises) and from Café Murano Bermondsey, now they producing thousands of meals per day for NHS workers.

Teams of volunteer professional chefs, packers and drivers are assembling care packages in line with social distancing measures. The kitchens are kept to the highest level of hygiene and safety by dedicated out-of-work hospitality professionals using chemicals donated by Cleaner Products.

The service being provided is entirely free of charge, so they are appealing to the general public and UK businesses for donations and support. If you have anything to offer now is the time to do so, there is still a long way to go, they are desperately looking for more drivers so if you can spare a few hours of your time then get in touch with Cook-19 NOW.  Visit www.cook-19.co.uk   Thank you.