Remained open throughout the pandemic.

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This week marks our 7th Birthday with The Whitechapel Mission who have cared for the London homeless since 1876, Cleaner Products support them with their cleaning and hygiene products and they are happy to take damaged boxes and any items that do not come up to our standards, we dislike any form of waste and The Whitechapel Mission makes very good use of everything we pass onto them. 

As The Whitechapel Mission cares for an increasing number of our most vulnerable guests during the corona-virus (COVID-19) emergency, they remain committed to the health, safety and well-being of all. Their guests who are experiencing homelessness don’t have the option to “stay at home” to avoid risk to themselves or others.

They continue to offer their essential services (more than 315,425 free meals served during the pandemic). Their response balances the consideration that their guests are highly vulnerable to many challenges. Organizations like The Whitchapel Mission have a duty to care and not prematurely suspend potentially life-saving services. They are seeing new faces, with new worries — people who are desperately in need of the food, shelter, advice and hope offered at The Whitechapel Mission. People in need continue to be welcomed at the Whitechapel Centre.

They remain open and serving, If you can help the mission in any way please contact Sue Miller on 020 7392 2701

Check out their website at: