UK care home emergency

Posted by:pete

It has recently become common knowledge that the UK care home sector has a real problem in obtaining sufficient supplies needed to protect their front line nurses, alcohol hand sanitiser is one of the key products that is required and the directors of Cleaner Products were made aware of this emergency some time ago and were asked if we could help.

The NHS is under great pressure obtaining sufficient sanitising products to meet their demands, but the independent UK care home sector is also under a great deal of pressure with manufacturers opting to supply NHS rather than the private sector. Covid-19 outbreaks have affected over 2,000 care homes, the government has confirmed, as concerns mount over the death toll and impact of the disease in the sector. The Department of Health and Social Care later confirmed that 2,099 homes had been hit by outbreaks during the course of the pandemic in the UK. This is just under 13.5% of the 11,333 residential homes and 4,413 nursing homes registered in England as of 31 March 2019.

Cleaner Products stepped up the production of a powerful hand sanitiser with an alcohol content of over 75%. Over the last month they have delivered thousands of litres of hand sanitiser for front line care home nurses, the shipments are being delivered to a central hub of a procurement and distribution operation that is responsible for 3,500 care homes, the products are being used by the nurses that are caring for the elderly and vulnerable patients.

Steve Hodges a director of Cleaner Products commented “we only wish we had the capability to produce greater volumes of product to help relieve the demands, we have pulled out all the stops and are operating at our maximum capacity, we are producing all we possible can”.

Cleaner Products are also starting to produce a new product called “Virubac” which is a natural surface sanitiser, trials have been conducted and have produced surperb comments. If you would like a sample of “Virubac”  and further info then call us on 01689 861984