Vermuteria choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are delighted to welcome Anthony Demetre's new restaurant Vermuteria that was launched last week, the well respected restaurateur and chef Anthony Demetre is bringing his vision of a Spanish/Italian vermuteria to the new Coal Drops Yard part of King's Cross.

Anthony currently owns the Mayfair restaurant Wild Honey, and was the man behind Soho's Arbutus, billed as a casual space and open all day you can have anything from a coffee and pastry in the morning, through to salads and other dishes during the day, but the unique aspect of Vermuteria will be the drink, or the vermouth to be more accurate. Inspired by the classic bodegas and vermuterias of northern Italy and Spain Anthony is tasking himself with the resurrection of classic apéritifs, and Vermouth-based drinks.

Anthony commented ”I love a traditional, proper Negroni - and Vermouth is my tipple of choice,” says Anthony, who has been infusing his own vermouths at home and Vermuteria will feature at least 50 different vermouths.

All the team at Cleaner Products wish Anthony all the very best with this new venture and look forward to tasting some of his wonderful vermouths.