When hygiene is critical

Posted by:pete

With the every growing need to maintain hygiene standards Cleaner Products have raised the bar and made it far more difficult for bacteria to survive. Cross- contamination is commonplace and is generally the result of poor personal hygiene (worker’s hands), or from using equipment that has not been correctly sanitised. In order to assist our clients with the sanitisation process we have developed a product called Sanitiser/Degreaser, like the name suggest this product is a one-step process and alleviates the need to use a detergent to clean down then a disinfectant to sanitise, Sanitiser/Degreaser completes this task in one application and reduces clean down time.

When tested at a concentration of 20-1, our Sanitiser/Degreaser passed the requirements of EN1276:2009 for bactericidal activity in 30 seconds with flying colours.  The product was tested under dirty conditions against Pseudomonas aeruginosa (NCIMB 10421), Escherichia coli (NCIMB 10418), Staphylococcus aureus (NCIMB 10788), and Enterococcus hirae (NCIMB 8192)

In the main surface sanitisers used in the industrial sector have long kill times and only sanitise, Sanitiser/Degreaser is capable of degreasing a canopy and emulsifying fats and oils instantly, this environmentally friendly solution is a must around the kitchen.

FACT: Sanitiser/Degreaser has achieved the highest UK standard of log5 99.999% in 30 seconds. A copy of the independent test report is available on request.