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La Porcellana


Cleaner Products are delighted to introduce a new ‘trusted partner’ that we will be working very closely with over the comming years, our clients will find La Porcellana to be a very warm and friendly family run business that fast becomming the first choice in the hotel and restaurant sector. La Porcellana was founded in 1979 by Gaby Grandi & Bruno Costa (Co-founder of Costa Coffee).

Utilising their vast experience and enduring passion for the hospitality industry, they sought to offer the fastest and most cost-effective production for personalised tableware throughout the UK. Over 35 years on and they are still a family run business in its second generation, they pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality tableware, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

This reasons why the make the right supplier for you:

  • In-House design, printing studio & decorating workshop
  • Highly trained office based staff & experienced representatives
  • Over 5,000 products
  • 10,000 sq foot stock holding
  • Nationwide delivery
  • No minimum order requirements

You really should take the time to visit the superb showroom, it’s over 3000 square feet and showcases their exquisite range of products.

The showroom is housed at Units 7-8 The Windsor Centre, Windsor Grove, London, SE27 9LT

You can contact Paolo Costa on his mobile 07740 172145 or by mail at [email protected]

Its also worth a visit to their website which will give you a flavour of their offering: www.laporcellana.co.uk

Three Cups Yard


About Three Cups Yard – developing restaurant companies

What do we do?

Very simply: We're helping small and medium size hospitality businesses to grow. From start-ups to longstanding restaurants & bars, from Quick Service restaurants to multi-Michelin star dining, we're advising and guiding  entrepreneurs to make their business better, develop plans to expand and help them implementing strategy.

And how do we do that?

Having run restaurants, bar & clubs for decades on many different levels, we've become a great all-rounder in how to give operational and management advice and consult on setting up a hospitality business but also how not to manage your hospitality concept.  All parts get equal attention: The concept, the financials, the staffing, the standards, the site, PR & Marketing, Purchasing, etc. etc. A genuine all-in package. The extra personal care we give through our advice and hard work, makes us an extension of you, the restaurateur.

Contact Jan van Delden on 0777 261 8414    

[email protected]


Aim Coffee


Cleaner Products are delighted to welcome on-board a new trusted partner, at Cleaner Products we drink copious amounts of coffee so why wouldn't we want to drink the best.

Quality Control - Organic, Fair-trade, Rainforest Alliance and other speciality certified coffees, are kept segregated to ensure the certifications are not compromised. 

Every raw coffee delivery received by us will have a small amount taken from each bag to be sampled to confirm consistency with the pre-shipment sample and to detect any possible defects. Samples are first checked for bean defects, secondly the moisture content, followed by sample roasting and cupping. If at any point the samples do not conform to our exacting quality requirements, the coffees will be rejected.

All sample roasts are produced to a precise roast colour 90 (mid-range roast colour). The samples are cupped and checked by an in-house, qualified Q grader and, if approved, will only then enter production.  We source raw coffees from all major producer regions, a great responsibility rests with us to ensure strictest controls of quality and consistency.

RoastingDepending on the roasting system employed, we utilise three different styles of roasting machines, technology dictates the roasting process to greater or lesser degrees. However, no matter how sophisticated the roasting technology, it will never replace the artistry of our uniquely experienced and professional roasting professionals. The coffee blending process between coffees tends to happen before roasting but can be done after to customer's specifications. The range of blends and roast combinations is infinite.  Scrupulous maintenance of our roasting equipment significantly reduces the possibility of either technical/quality issues or downtime resulting from mechanical problems. Without this maintenance a build up of coffee oils could prevent the coffee roasting to its full effect.

House Blend ' Il Grandioso  - A balanced blend of chocolatey Mochas and Central American coffees. Good body with a subtle caramel and butterscotch sweetness balanced with earthy chocolate and citrus fruit notes -  50% Ethiopia Mocha, 20% Brazil, 20% Natural Robusta and 10% Latin American Arabica.

We know that quality is paramount, but we also know that price will be the deciding factor and we feel confident that we can reduce your costs, If you are interested in trying our coffee please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly send you a sample.

0208 6450028 or 07834586093

[email protected]


Des McDonald consultancy.

Consultancy, Suppliers, Training

We are delighted to welcome Des McDonald as a new partner. Des McDonald’s name is legendary in the food business and he has over 30 years experience at the sharp end. If you’re looking to launch a new restaurant or take a mature business to the next level Des McDonald has the history and experience to ensure that you’ll be making sales from day one.

Des McDonald Restaurant Consultancy Services include: Concept Development, Interior Design Advice and Introductions, Brand Development, Owner’s Representative, Marketing and Social Media Advice, Food and Beverage Menu Development, Training and SOP Development, Margin Support, Cost Control Support, Improve Efficiencies, Grow your restaurant business.

Born in East London, Des McDonald was predestined to go into the restaurant industry, following a long tradition in his family.  After leaving culinary school, he honed his skills and built up his knowledge by cooking in 5-star hotels including The Ritz and the Sheraton Park Tower in Knightsbridge. In 1992 he got his big break with Caprice Holdings working as Head Chef at the legendary Ivy Restaurant.

He enjoyed a very successful 20 years with the Caprice Group, working for the last 12 years in a Managing Director and Group CEO role. He also oversaw the acquisition and running of Soho House Group and Annabel’s Group.

In January 2012 he made the decision to set up on his own, create and develop his own restaurants and also following various requests set up an advisory/consultancy company which has helped clients, revitalising and updating the standards of operation, training, design and overall structure to bring sales, GP’s and covers back in line. Also, enjoying working with new ventures, helping with the concept/design and overall operation both in the UK and Overseas.

You can view the Des McDonald restaurant consultancy website at www.desmconald.com or call 077 126 24825

A trusted partner


Possible our most successful marketing idea to date is what we call ‘trusted partners’, this is a concept whereby we select companies who are active within the hospitality sector and help promote their business through our marketing channels to our client base. Unlike so many other advertising opportunities that are available there is no charge for the service provided that our partner also has our best interest at heart and promotes Cleaner Products where possible. We launched this concept almost a decade ago and it has gathered momentum at a very steady pace, it is rewarding for us to be able to recommend our ‘trusted partners’ and see them grow their business,  in return we achieve a high level of new business through recommendations which is the icing on the cake.

So what and who are our trusted partners - at Cleaner Products we work with a selected range of suppliers that compliments the services we provide, they are the ‘cream of the crop’ and like us the majority of our partners are family run operations and have the competitive edge when it comes to price. It is common knowledge that a family business is far more likely to deliver a more consistent service and when family business’s team up in this way they become a formidable force. Our ’trusted partners’ range from companies who supply Food Hygiene Solution to Washroom Service, Front of House Training to Fire protection, Pest Control to Restaurant Consultancy and IT to HR. We also have a number of partners who supply food goods including Dry Goods, Bread, Ice Cream and now a superb coffee supplier. All of our partners are selected because like us they are willing to go that extra mile to provide a service that is beyond the norm which is why we can recommend all of our trusted partners with complete confidence.

Yorkshire Partner


We are delighted to welcome on board Graham Quinn our new distribution partner for Yorkshire. Managing director Nathan Reilly commented “ We are absolutely delighted to have Graham on-board, he is a mature and very experienced individual who has a superb track record in the sales and marketing arena, he is the perfect fit for our brand, he understands what quality service is all about and there is no doubt that Graham will add a great deal of value to our UK operations”. Graham Quinn has over 30 years in the customer service sector and is used to managing operations with a high headcount and is receptive to new ways of working by listening to feedback from both customers and colleagues alike.

Graham Quinn commented “ I realise that I am extremely fortunate to have been given this opportunity and for me the decision to join the Cleaner Products family was easy, their star studded list of clients is a testament to quality of the products they manufacture and the service they supply, but for me their support mechanism as a distribution partner is paramount and I am really looking forward to working with the superb Cleaner Products management team”. 

Graham joins the management team at a pivotal time in the national development of the Cleaner Products brand and our financial director Steve Hodges commented “ Yorkshire is an very important part of our strategic plan and the agreement we have reached with Graham will set the scene and enable us to further develop our brand as a national service provider. You can contact Graham on 07851 723266.

Capital Bread.

Distributor, Suppliers

Artisan Wholesale Bread

We know that choosing a bread supplier is a serious decision. Quality is what you promise your customers. It's only bread, but it has to be right.

Our customers look for three things... Quality -  From signature sourdough to honey and almond bread to brioche buns for gourmet burgers, our artisan baking techniques deliver authentic flavours and textures.

Service -  We're as proud of our craftsmanship as our dedication to customers. We are only a small part of the experience you offer. By providing exceptional service we are proud to be part of it.

Reliability - Our customers rely on us to deliver and we never let them down...ever. We deliver seven days a week and our can-do attitude is always ready for those last minute changes.

Try us out. Order your sample box for next day delivery. 

A note about sourdough

Our Signature Sourdough Breads uses a liquid leaven that is over 6 years old. Having developed an amazing flavour over the years.Our breads are slow proved,  free from chemicals and preservatives, and are made using traditional methods of baking. We deliver breads with a fantastic taste and great "keeping" values. "Sourdough is more digestible than standard loaves and more nutritious too. Lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping neutralise the phytates in flour that would interfere with their absorption. The acids slow down the rate at which glucose is released into the blood-stream and lower the bread's glycaemic index (GI), so it doesn't cause undesirable spikes in insulin. They also render the gluten in flour more digestible and less likely to cause food intolerance." The Guardian

Contact Francois on 0203 581 7130



Citation has been providing peace of mind to businesses in the UK for over 20 years and are now trusted by over 16,000 clients. They provide all of the support we need either online, face to face or on the phone and it gives our back of house team the time to focus on what they do best – supporting our clients. The main focus for Cleaner Products is retaining and winning new contracts. We are delighted to have the Citation experts on board for Health & Safety and HR and it provides us with the peace of mind and which will let us concentrate on continuing to develop our superb portfolio of clients. Feel free to contact Cleaner Products for an independent view of Citation and how they are helping our business to develop.



i-Chef and Cleaner Products have joined forces to create a perfect synergy. If your'e a chef or a premier supplier to the hospitality sector then you probably are aware of the power of i-Chef, if your'e not now's the time to make the connection. i-Chef is the brainchild of David Dorricott and Anton Edelmann who's combined experience boasts half a century of management in the hospitality sector at the highest level including The House of Commons, The Grosvenor House and the The Savoy.  During this time David and Anton have gained a wealth of experience and i-Chef is their way of sharing that Knowledge. i-Chef also has a senior team of industry experts including Clair Clarke MBE, Shaun Hill, Giorgio Locatelli, Terry Laybourne MBE, Mark Edwards, Duncan Palmer, Brian Mills, Lisa Ackerley and Mark Hix. This 'dream team' of industry professionals can offer valuable advice and are undoubtably at the pinnacle of the hospitality sector with a combined experience of 250 years.

i-Chef scrutinise suppliers and pick the 'cream of the crop' and invite them to join i-Chef and be added to the i-Chef approved supplies club membership that if available to chefs free of charge, or pay monthly for Premium benefits. The quality of each and every 'trusted partners' is top drawer so todays working chefs have the inside track on the key suppliers within the industry. Cleaner Products are delighted to have been selected as the 'trusted partner' for cleaning and hygiene products and are offering preferential rates to i-Chef members, so if your'e a chef and not an i-Chef member this really is a no brainer, join today while its still free.

If you are a premier supplier and believe your brand has what it takes to operate at this level then contact Helen and join the elite team of trusted partners.

Helen Sutherland 07977 514 071   [email protected]

Our Kent Partner

Distributor, Suppliers

Mike Heyfron is our distribution partner and supplies throughout the county of Kent,  Mike has been operational for three years and has built a solid network of satisfied clients, Mike has attracted a very wide range of business's from Michelin star restaurants, theme parks, pubs, hotels and food processing companies. Mike is an experienced service professional and has added a great deal of value to our clients operations. If your'e a Kent based company and demand a 'five star' service with the most competitive prices in Kent then contact Mike Heyfron on 0797-7117901 

West One Pest Control

Pest Control

West One supplies a complete pest control service throughout London and the South East. With decade's of experience in the industry we are able to provide a complete service from our London base. Many restaurants, hotels, cafe's, pub and clubs all use the services we provide. At West One Pest Control we provide a flexible pest control service to a wide range of businesses; from small startups to well known nationals. An increasing number of facilities management companies in London are turning to West One, finding our flexible and discreet service fits in with their clients' requirements. This field of pest control requires a number of skills not normally associated with your run-of the-mill rat catchers, including a good understanding of the client's wishes. Our years of experience in this area, together with our well presented technicians, provide a polite and reassuring service to building managers and corporate clients throughout the capital and beyond.

Executive Chauffeur

Chauffeur Services

Multi-Cars is an Executive Chauffeur service which serves all major UK airports and Executive Jet Centres. All our drivers are reliable, discreet and smartly dressed. All our cars are executive saloons, non-smoking and typically Mercedes Benz or Audi. Multi-Cars have provided executive transport to: Airports, Theatres,  Restaurants,  Sports Events, Ports, Shopping trips, Corporate Events. We will provide a top quality flexible and bespoke service, all you have to do is sit back and relax in air conditioned comfort. Contact Multi-Cars on 07770382253 or email us on [email protected]



At Natoora, we want to spread our passion and dedication for good quality, natural ingredients all over the country! We believe that food is more than just fuel; it is something to be enjoyed, relished, celebrated, and most importantly, eaten! We know how great food should taste and so we are always on the hunt for the most delicious natural food. Our experience and dedication has meant that we are able to source and supply top quality foods, all carefully chosen (and of course tasted) by our expert selectors.

We have gone to great lengths to find you the best tasting products, sourced from suppliers who share our passion for quality food. Our London base has helped us build a network of top local producers to supply you with fresh natural food, including supreme quality meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a range of groceries. It is so important to us for our suppliers to share in our belief in how to source and produce food. Take our butcher, their emphasis is on the conditions in which the animals they source are raised, not on trendy catch-all labels. All of their meat is free range, and it is their meticulous and personal approach that ensures it is all of the absolute best quality.

Natoora can be contacted on 0207 627 1600

Liberty Hygiene


Liberty Hygiene Ltd is a fresh and established washroom company offering high quality, competitively priced, reliable washroom services. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and the environment, focusing on the sustained need for clean hygienic washrooms in all environments. Our goal is strong, sustainable growth whilst maintaining our fresh innovative approach that is modernising the washroom service industry. Liberty is a caring company, driven to deliver unparalleled levels of service and innovation in a sustainable and cost effective manner. Together, we believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us.

For sales enquiries please contact Mark Pollock on 01702 483833 or email [email protected]

Ice Cream Union


The Ice Cream Union was founded in 2006 in Battersea, London, by brother Alex and Franco who wanted to share their passion for artisan ice cream with other like minded flavour conscious individuals. Alex and Franco grew up in Argentina a country that take ice cream very seriously. It was here that the brother became inspired to create their own style of "Helado Artesanal" (that's artisan ice cream to you and me), and go on to produce the amazing array of flavours that are available today. It's not just the ingredients and specialist equipment that makes their ice cream so good, it's the deep understanding behind the science of making ice cream that sets them apart. They monitor the recipes they create using a series of objectives and scientific measurements, this means that the Union never settle for second best and can ascertain where and how a recipe can be improved.

If you would like to find our more about Ice Cream Union contact Henry Arculus on 0207 237 9402

Gal Consultancy

Web Design

An IT consultancy and web development house specializing in businesses that mainly use Apple computers and handheld devices (Mac OS X and iOS). Specialising in web site design for a number of sectors including the hospitality industry. Sharp modern designs with all the new media links required in todays competitive marketplace. Contact Ofir on 07971 080981 or [email protected]

Food Hygiene Solutions


Who are we - We are an exciting team of environmental health specialists working with all types of food businesses to keep them safe, legal & aware. Accredited as trainers in food safety, health & safety, Fire Safety, first aid and licensing by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) and the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), professional environmental health officers known and respected by enforcement authorities, able to get excellent Food Hygiene ratings for our clients. We are friendly, approachable and specialise in food safety, health & safety, training and licensing.

We will - Help you achieve the highest standards. Enable your business to comply with the food safety, health & safety and licensing legal requirements. Provide a completely flexible compliance package giving complete peace of mind for food businesses. Enable you to be recognised by your customers and clients as representing the best in your industry. Assist in the process of accreditation for your food business. Provide food safety, health & safety, emergency first aid at work, first aid at work, NCPLH (personal licence holders) training as well as Fire Safety.

Contact: Holly Jefferys [email protected]

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Kent Fire Protection Limited was established in 1973 and is a family owned business. Over the last 40 years we have and continue to service and maintain both public and the private sectors in London and the South East. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, integral and reliable service. Our aim is to provide the most sufficient solutions to your fire protection needs coupled with competitive prices.

Our services include Fire extinguisher supply and servicing, fire risk assessment, fire alarms and emergency lighting, fire staff training, fire safety policy procedure and records

Contact Steven Wade on 01689 898833 or [email protected]

John Davey Consultancy


“A good customer is for life – not just for one dinner service!”

John Davey’s career in hospitality spans over twenty five years in some of Europe’s finest Michelin starred restaurants, private members’ clubs and luxury hotels. John now offers his knowledge and expertise to new and established businesses with a range of consultancy services. His tailored training days cover all aspects of customer service and hospitality – in short how to keep your customers coming back for a second helping!  John can be contact on 07970-034581